What is expected from you during the trip?

Your presence on board suggests that, in the spirit of correct mutual assistance, you should be involved, interested and cooperate according to your capabilities facilitating  the purpose of our shared journey. At the time of sailing out and docking, the Captain needs all of you and it is nice to respond and help according to your assigned task. Sometimes, when mooring, someone needs to arrange the ropes. In  few words you will be explained with what and how you can help. You can throw a rope, collect or drop the fenders or move them, or even with something as simple as watching the remaining distance to the quay and telling the helmsman or to the Captain if he has no visibility. Whoever wishes will be explained basic principles of navigation and may be entrusted to raise and lower the anchor  or even to navigate for short time our vessel.
The task of the Captain and his assistant is responsible and they are ensuring  the safe movement of our ship on its route. Treat them with respect. Their job is not  to cook, serve, clean or fix beds. If you want someone to do this job for you, you can pre-order a hostess . This service is offered at both our base ports from other companies. However, we think it is not worth to do it. For all matters relating to the ship and the behavior of the crew (i.e. you), the Captains’s decision is final and can not be challenged. It will always be taken into account with your safety, the security of the ship and, if possible, the good passage of everyone on board. Be tolerant to your fellow companions, we are all one crew. Be positive about everything n order to transmit this to the others, even when there are difficulties.
Traditionally, food for the captain and his assistant is provided by the travelers, but we do not necessarily insist on that. The important thing is to be free and express yourself in positive human relationships.
We respect the laws of the country in which territorial waters we float and encourage everyone on board to do so.