How do you eat and drink during the trip?

We are not a tourist company and we do not offer food and beverages. We just organize shared sea trips. On board there is a refrigerator, a large freezer and equipped kitchen as well as all utensils. Usually, before departure, travelers(crew) collect a common amount and provide everything needed from the nearest supermarket for breakfast and sometimes for lunch for 2-3 days. At each port we shall stop there is a supermarket . Some people prefer to supply food for them separately – it’s matter of personal decision. We always moor for the evenings at a harbor or sheltered bay where are available taverns – cheap or medium. People usually eat there . Some buy and cooked meals for the next day. Often travelers bring with them delicacies from home and they offer them on the common table. Some even bring French cheeses, caviar and other appetizers as well as a variety of drinks according to their taste and even mineral water, bread, napkins, kitchen / toilette paper , oil and spices . Fresh fish could be caught and prepared if there are fishermen in the group and if they have success. If not , at any port we stop – fresh fish or octopus , could be bought . The practice on most trips is the crew / travelers to provide food for the captain and his assistant, but we do not necessarily insist on this. Out of experience we can say that at the end, food often remains unused, but booze very rarely.