Cancellation Policy


– 50% of the amount is to be paid for reservation
– the balance is to be paid  40 days before departure  .
In case that trip can not be realized for meteorological, organizational or other reasons  and circumstances arising from the Queen Diana Yacht Club, we take the obligation to offer an alternative trip and if it is not accepted or not possible  to execute, to reimburse 100% of the amount  paid so far , within four business  days.
However , the previously  announced program/routes is possible to be changed  for the above reasons. Guiding principle is  the safety of the crew and secondly, the security and the good naval condition of the vessel.
Cancellation of the reservation
1. If it is done for at least 40 days before the departure date, we shall keep 30% of the regular initial trip value as a cancellation fee and refund the rest (if any) from the amount deposited till that moment .
2.When cancellation is made when less than 40 days are remaining until the departure date, the cancellation fee is 70% of the regular initial trip value and we refund the rest (if any)from the amount deposited so far.
3. Non-payment in due time is also equivalent to Cancellation of Reservation.
It is possible to reimburse 70% of the amount deposited till the moment of cancellation under item 2, but only if we find  persons  to fill up all  free places in that trip paying the regular initial value.

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