Advices for the Crew

Useful information for a pleasant trip

Avoid seasickness

An empty stomach will lead to seasickness more easily than a full one, so tuck in before setting sail. It’s almost impossible for boating newbies to spend a long amount time below deck, never mind preparing a full meal. No one wants to have their perfect sailing holiday ruined by an aching stomach!

Wear life jackets and lifebelts

Life jackets and life belts keep you from falling over board and should be an absolutely essential piece of safety equipment on board. Before you set sail, make sure that every passenger has tried on and correctly fitted their vest. If you are traveling with children be sure to check that the vests fit them correctly.

Correct clothing and footwear

The right clothing and footwear are essential for sailing and are a no-brainer for our top ten boating safety tips. Shoes with non-slip soles are especially important for docking manoeuvres. Apart from the movement of the boat itself, ropes, cleats and other equipment can easily trip you up.

No alcohol

Stay focused on board by leaving the wine safely on dry land. Studies show that the chances of getting into a sailing accident almost double if alcohol is involved. Sun, wind and the swell of the sea can also increase the effects of alcohol drastically.

Pack a first-aid kit

A good first-aid kit is an absolute must. This includes surgical equipment as well as a good selection of medication for traveling: remedies against seasickness, pain medication, medicine for children etc.

Very important: sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn every day, particularly if you’re traveling in sunny areas like the Mediterranean sea.

Advices for the Captain

Useful advices for every Captain

Be weather-wise

Be sure to inform yourself about the local weather conditions before setting sail. If you notice dark clouds, rough winds or sudden drops in temperature it might be time to spend a few on hours on land.

Know your sailing area

Inform yourself about potential dangers or challenges in your sailing area. Always obey navigation rules, especially traffic regulations. Stay safe by keeping a good distance to other watercrafts.

Safe speed

Always sail at a safe speed, especially in crowded areas. Stay alert at the steering wheel steer clear of large vessels that might have difficulties stopping or turning. Be respectful of buoys and other navigational aids. They ensure not only your own safety, but the safety of your fellow sailors.

Follow a float plan

Share the most important travel details of your boat holiday with friends and family. This float plan should include: the time and place of your departure, the length of your trip and the specific sailing route you will take. Other important information may include the name, addresses and telephone numbers of all your passengers as well as a description and the registration details of your boat.

Athena 38

Fountaine Pajot

Bali 4.0

CATANA group Bali Catamarans

Lagoon 39

Beneteau group Cata-Lagoon

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9 Volos - Euboea Island - Alimos Fishing and Historical Tour Volos - Euboea Island - Alimos Fishing and Historical Tour
Date of the tour: 28.09.2019 – 05.10.2019
Catamaran model: Bali 4.0
Location - Routes: (if bad weather forecast - green line) Volos – Ag.Kiriaki - Loutra Edipsou - Chalcis - Mpoufalo - Karistos - Porto Rapti - Lavrio - Poseidonio - Alimos Marina (Athens) (if good weather forecast pink line from D2 to D7)
Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights Tour)
No availability 450.00 Book now

* is for possibility , subject to further agreement ;  “/” and “or”means Captain’s decision. Trips without price are planned , but are still under negotiation .

About us

Queen Diana Yacht Club is a brand name of an innovative  platform for shared sea trips which was established in the end of 2017. For the retention of the trademark, an entity of the same name was incorporated and registered in February 2018. The financial part is currently being carried out by Bulgarcontact Ltd. (a company of the same group). In our team there are  Greek , English , Russian , Bulgarian , French , Czech speakers. The trips on the program for the season will be executed by a Captain (with good  Greek and international waters experience for years) and an assistant . Both of them possess Certificate of Competency “Skipper of Seagoing Vessel 40GT” . One of our team  has passed the Theoretical RYA Yachtmaster exam . When completed it will be a Certificate valid for 200GT. Guiding principle for us is the safety of the crew and secondly, the security and the good naval condition of the vessel.

For the moment we aim to develop our activity on two spots: Keramoti and Alimos Marina

For more details and published routes , dates and free places please see the Trips&Booking section

Keramoti Base

Meeting Point: Keramoti port, opposite to North Sailing office.
Keramoti is 42 km away from Kavala and is the closest to Thassos island shore. Apart from the highway you can easily arrive to Keramoti by plane. Keramoti is being served by Kavala’s airport “Alexander the Great” (KVA) , which is only 12 km away. About 330km away from Sofia or less than 3:45 hours drive by car as biggest part of the road is a highway.
It is important we are informed of your arrival details. Check-in procedures will take place asap.Fail to arrive on time could lead to loosing your trip and embarkation rights without compensation .


By boat
Keramoti has its own port

By plane
Is being served by Kavala’s airport “Alexander the Great”

By Bus
Is being served by the routes of Kavala’s KTEL

By car
Is approximately 35 minutes (40km) from Kavala

Alimos Marina Base

Meeting Point: In front of the Cafe, opposite Pier 6.

Distance from airport – approximately 40 minutes 35km
Regular taxi (maximum 4 persons) – approximately Euro 40 – 45
Previously agreeed private car with driver could be arranged for about 25 Eur.
X 96 Express Bus (24 hr. service) from Airport to Piraeus with 2 stops outside marina. Tickets €
5,- per person are bought from the kiosk outside airport arrivals

There is super market near the marina. You can either order a provisioning list in advance (on extra charge of Euro 10,-) or use the private provisioning service in the marina. Finally, if there is an organized transfer we can arrange a shopping stop on extra charge. Contact us for more information.

It is important we are informed of your arrival details. Check-in procedures will take place asap.Fail to arrive on time could lead to loosing your trip and embarkation rights without compensation .

Contact us

mob: +359 887 66 72 95

tel: +359 2 98 17 588


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